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Simple and Easy Art Prompts for Art Enthusiasts

Amodini Allu July 06 2022


If you think you spend most of your time on commissioned works or you feel overwhelmed with the ideas in your head, the best thing to do is take a break. Here are some easy art prompts for art enthusiasts to try out when feeling burnt out. Experimenting with these quick art prompts for 5-10 minutes a day can improve your creativity and help you come up with new ideas.

Not every artist is completely confident with their work when they start their artistic journey. Some of them are determined to hone their goals and art style, while others might feel lost while figuring out how to proceed further. Art prompts can help art enthusiasts who wish to explore the art field and further improve their creative skills.

Trying out simple art prompts daily will help artists effectively achieve their short term goals. When starting out in the art field, creating a portfolio is essential. As such, exploring different art mediums through simple art prompts can help art enthusiasts develop a portfolio and understand the nature and the flow of those mediums. The struggle to develop a style for original artworks can be easily overcome by trying out simple art prompts.

Weekly Prompts:

Here are 7 prompts that can help any art enthusiast to develop a short term habit. This is a basic list to get started with, but you can try and illustrate any simple object that is lying around.

1. A flower pot from your garden/neighbourhood

2. A pan with omelette

3. Your favourite food

4. A utensil stand

5. A pair of headphones that you use

6. A floor lamp

7. A chair/ stool

Monthly Prompts:

Every art lover will surely be aware of the Inktober challenge that happens every October. Inktober allows artists to try out fun art prompts every day of the month. Similar to Inktober, artists can benefit from the summer months and get inspired by their surroundings. Here is a prompt list of objects to illustrate during the summer.

1. A Swing

2. A leaf from your garden

3. A sunflower

4. A flower basket

5. A tulip flower/field

6. Your favourite summer drink

7. An ice-cream with a cone

8. A picnic basket

9. A popsicle

10. A cosy beach chair

Marathon Prompts:

A prompt list that lasts for more than a month is referred to as a ‘marathon’. If an artist decides to push their limits and test their consistency for a longer time, they can try a 100-day challenge and maintain a sketchbook to practice their art. These art prompts can last up to a year. Practising an art style for a year can definitely result in a greater achievement.

Here is a list of books that you can experiment with to develop your artistic style and expand your original artworks:

1. 365 Days of Art

2. 365 Days of Drawing

3. You Are an Artist

4. 365 Days of Creativity

5. 1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion

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