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Interior Design Tips: 3 Ways Paintings Can Change Your Space

Joan Amanwi October 04 2023


A painting can change the feel of a room, tell a design story, or enhance your home’s interior design. Read on to discover tips that can help you better incorporate paintings into your space.

Designers believe that paintings can either be a centrepiece from which design inspiration flows or an accent that completes a space. They add personality to any room – kitchens, bathrooms, office spaces, etc. However, to achieve the right aesthetic, you need to understand the art of displaying pictures. There are various ways to showcase art in design. You can organize them symmetrically in grid form, place centrepieces as focal points in a room, and add character to staircase walls – the list is endless. By following the principles governing the display of artwork, or simply going with your gut, you can elevate your home or office interior and make your space feel well thought out.

Irrespective of how you choose to display your art and elevate your interior design, always remember that your choices can affect a room in many ways.

1. Change the feeling of a room

Have you ever walked into a friend’s house and felt serene, peaceful, and cozy? What about that friend whose room took you right into an episode of 'House Hunters'? Each room evoked a certain emotion based on the design choices made by those individuals. Generally speaking, lighter colours make a room feel larger, while darker colours shrink a room. Putting a gloomy artwork in a dark room will evoke a different feeling than if it were placed in a bright room.

Additionally, paintings with rough textures can make your home’s interior feel intimate. Bright-coloured prints add life to a space (see image below) – while darker prints create serenity. However, combining artwork with other design elements can make the same room feel dull. As such, getting the desired feeling is all about balancing the art with your overall interior design concept i.e., lighting, canvas, decor, etc.

“One... She Is Spinning the Earth...One” by Joseph Gilmore

2. Help tell a story

People love a good story; sometimes, we even judge others by how well they tell theirs – be it how they dress, talk, or decorate their homes, offices, etc. Prints tell a story on their own. By incorporating them into a given space, you can make your story stand out and entice visitors. As always, the key is to pick a print that fits the room’s décor style. You can share memories from your family vacation with bold outdoor art that draws visitors’ attention, or perhaps the nerd in you wants guests to marvel at your book collection. In this case, including art around your bookshelf or library will draw visitors’ attention.

Let’s assume you are more philosophical and like telling complex stories. A painting of a deceased loved one, for instance, in a dark-coloured room with deemed lighting; alongside other gloomy canvas and decor, tells a story of sadness and pain. Storytelling by using art can acquire different meanings based on how they are displayed.

Take a look at the picture below, what emotions does it evoke? How can you incorporate it into your space? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

“Songs of Zion” by Diane Britton Dunha

3. Enhance or compliment your home interior

A room’s design can feel lacking until a picture is incorporated to elevate the space. Pictures add unique aesthetics and character that bring rooms to life. There is an unexplainable wow factor that comes with a pristine art and décor marriage and being able to achieve the right balance is complete genius. Mixing art and décor is not just limited to interior designers – anyone can do it with the proper insight.

When working with prints to enhance or complement a design, the size of the print matters. If you want the design to stand out while the print is just an accessory, an oversized artwork might achieve the opposite result and vice versa. It is important to pick the right size to achieve your desired outcome. Make use of available wall space, but first, measure to ensure that your painting fits the space and the general outlook of the design. The image below is a great example of a painting decor merger.

“Opposites Attract” by Aatmica Ojha

Regardless of how you view art concerning design, there is no doubt that when utilized properly, they have the power to change your space. So don’t relent on using art in your space. If your interior design skills fall short, go with your gut or explore Pinterest for inspiration – it hardly fails.

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