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How to Incorporate Pop Art Effortlessly Into Your Living Space

Dorran Abbott October 26 2022


Pop Art can be daunting, with its neon colours, satiric imagery, and pop culture references. So, when deciding on purchasing a piece of Pop Art, it is important to know how to implement that art piece into your home, apartment, or condo interior.

Pop Art is not for the faint of heart. Known for bright and bombastic imagery, art creators and art lovers around the world have celebrated Pop Art since its emergence in the 1950s. From celebrated artists such as Andy Warhol (who is famous for his Campbell’s Soup cans) to independent artists today, Pop Art is a beloved art style. It may seem easier to opt for a toned-down piece of artwork, such as a monochromatic painting. However, Pop Art can infuse your living space with an incredible uniqueness and flair. It also can take many forms, including sculptures, paintings, prints, and more. Thus, there are various ways you can incorporate Pop Art into your home, apartment, or condo interior.

If you’re the type of art lover that enjoys maximalism—opt for a Pop Art mural. Find a blank wall in your home and deck it out in a collection of Pop Art. This may sound expensive, but you can find and buy prints online from famous or independent artists. The cool part about a mural is that you can mix and match a wide variety of artwork, including many different colours and images. If a Pop Art mural isn’t your vibe, try matching the artwork with your furniture. For example, if you have a brown sofa, try buying Pop Art that has the same (or similar) brown colours or tones in it. This will blend your painting, print, or sculpture seamlessly into the rest of the living space without drawing too much attention.

Another way to implement Pop Art into your living space would be to try picking one larger statement piece. Find a particular piece of Pop Art that speaks to you and have it be the focal point of your living space. This could be your living room, bedroom, or even bathroom. As said before, you could even simply buy a print online and use that. Pop Art is undeniably colourful, so it is important to choose decor that compliments its eccentricity. If you decide to place your Pop Art in the living room, opt for more neutral or muted colours when it comes to your furniture. This way, when someone enters your room, their eyes directly shift to the wonderful Pop Art on your wall.

Ultimately, however you decide to infuse Pop Art into your home, apartment, or condo interior all that matters is that it brightens your day every time you see it!

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