Balance & Flow by Russell Robinson

How to Balance Your Life Being a Contemporary Artist

Aliyah Lashley April 12 2023


It can be stressful trying to balance your life as a contemporary artist. Here are some techniques you can try to help create positive habits and set boundaries.

Engage with the art community: By networking you can advance both your personal and professional life because talking to fellow artists is a great way to find new ideas. Try connecting online with artists from all across the world. Artists have found a community on many art platforms like Discord, Facebook, and Reddit where they can discuss their opinions and ask for advice. For your media, look into specialized forums and organizations. You might find a community there.

Make a schedule: A schedule can help you set boundaries between your work and home life to help you avoid dealing with burnout.

Be flexible: Allow some flexibility in your schedule, but maintain consistency so that your primary productivity goals become habits.

Take a break: Taking breaks, like stepping away from a project for a few minutes, leads to clearer thinking. Taking breaks can also help restore your energy, which decreases exhaustion and allows you to maintain performance throughout the day.

Have your own space: If you do your work at home, leave out a room in the house to make into a home studio. If you can't get a studio at home, consider renting a studio that you can commute to. You can choose to turn off your phone, ignore your emails, and make a point of being focused on your artwork (most phones also let you set specific focus options so only certain calls and notifications can come through). Either way, it takes you away from distractions. That studio space could become your creative retreat.

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