Marina by Evgeniya Balikina

Five Female Contemporary Artists You Should Follow

Hannah Taylor July 19 2023


Are you an art lover who wants to support some female contemporary artists? Here’s a list of five female artists whose works are available on Bidgala!

Andrea Juárez

Air Garden by Andrea Juarez

Born in Oaxaca, Mexico, Andrea Juárez grew up in Mexico City, where she earned a degree in Marketing & Advertising at the University Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión in 2016. She also completed multiple drawing and painting courses at La Antigua Academia de San Carlos.

Juárez has worked with several famous Mexican artists, such as Juan Alcázar and Azucena Barrios. Since 2019, she has used her paintings as a way of protesting the negative stigma surrounding drug use that the War on Drugs has created.

See more of her artwork on Bidgala here. You can find her on Instagram at and her Facebook page here.

Christine Hodgson

Tournesol au vent by Christine Hodgson

A self-taught abstract expressionist artist, Christine Hodgson is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her paintings have been exhibited and collected by art enthusiasts in the United States, Canada, and throughout Europe and Africa.

Through her paintings, Hodgson explores her inner self, her emotions, and her personal experience through the use of various colours and lines that appear on her canvas in what she describes as a “series of coincidences.” She also uses photography and digital tools to demonstrate the 21st century’s obsession with self-branding.

Check out her artwork on Bidgala here. She can be found on Instagram at @christine_hodgson_ and her website here.

Evgeniya Balikina

Infinity by Evgeniya Balikina

Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, Evgeniya Balikina has been inspired to draw since childhood. She earned a degree in Graphic Design from St. Petersburg State University in 2005.

Her paintings are influenced and inspired by the works of famous artists such as Henri Matisse, Amedeo Modigliani, Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and Claude Monet. Her works involve a mix between realism and the abstract and focus on invincible feminine figures in different states of various emotions.

Her paintings have been exhibited in Russia and Spain and collected by art enthusiasts residing in Russia, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Her works are available here on Bidgala, and she can be found on Instagram at @art.genij.

Alejandra Piñango

Resonance by Alejandra Pinango

A self-taught artist living in Madrid, Spain, Alejandra Piñango has been drawing all her life. Her creativity began to flow while she was living in London, UK, and she started painting with watercolours and gouache. However, it wasn’t until she began to experiment with abstract art using acrylic paint that she truly found her artistic niche.

She now uses a mix of acrylic paint, wax crayons, charcoal, and water-soluble colour pencils on specialty mixed media paper, heavy watercolour paper, and cotton canvas.

The inspirations behind her artworks are both internal and external: she is influenced by landscapes, pictures, decor, and nature, but also by emotions and the inner working of the mind. She hopes to spread joy and happiness to art lovers who purchase her paintings, for she wants art enthusiasts to be positively impacted by her works’ bright colours, shapes, and textures.

Her work can be seen on Bidgala here and she can be found on Instagram at @alejandrapinangoart and her website here.

Meghan Noonan

Two Worlds Meeting by Meghan Noonan

A self-taught artist, Meghan Noonan lives in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada. She began her artistic journey during her second year of university, where the process of painting created a space for her to practice healing and self-love.

Her passion for painting has led her to the Toronto Art Therapy Institute, where she is studying to become an Art Therapist/Psychotherapist.

Noonan uses rich, bright acrylic paint on various-sized canvases when creating her pieces. She hopes that her artwork helps to inspire self-compassion, creativity, and acceptance, and she wants art lovers who view and purchase her works to feel a deep emotional connection.

Her paintings have been shown in multiple art exhibitions in Grimsby and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area.

See more of her works here on Bidgala, and find her on Instagram at @meghannoonanart or on her Facebook page here, or on her website here.

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