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Emerging Canadian Artists Who are Using TikTok to Build their Audience

Karina Bocchicchio March 22 2023


As a platform popular with the younger generation, emerging artists have used TikTok to showcase their work. Though these Canadian artists are taking advantage of its algorithm, their artistic talent should earn them more followers than they currently have.


Emerging artist Kiefer Floreal makes beautiful pottery art. Most of his videos show his creative process; spinning ceramic clay on a pottery wheel set to soothing music from black musicians. His entire account is a ‘try-not-to-get-satisfied’ challenge that culminates as a stunning piece of ceramic pottery. His work is available to buy online on his website.


Based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Brandy Masch's TikTok is a combination of ArtToc trends, art advice, and original works. Masch paints detailed "urban/animal habitats," usually a home or intricate apartment complex riding on the back of an animal. As a contemporary illustrative artist, her works are packed with colour and detail, leaving you needing some time to take it all in. She sells her art online and in person, either at her studio or at art fairs.


Canadian artist, Aika, specializes in botanical art pieces, which are available for purchase online. Her goal is to "bring the beauty of nature into other's homes one illustration at a time." Based in Trois-Rivères, Quebec, her TikTok account is bilingual, containing both French and English content to watch. Regardless of language, each video shows her love for plant life and the different posters, stickers, and cards she makes for her shop. The most unique item she makes is her collection of suncatchers. When these clear stickers are placed on your window, they can catch the sunlight and create beautiful rainbows in your home.


Francesca Désulmé is a Haitian artist based in Ottawa, Canada. She opened her shop, Koukatelier, in 2020 and has been using her platform as a local artist to bring light and joy to the daily lives of others. Her TikTok account showcases her work and gives potential customers a glance behind the scenes into the life of a full-time artist and small business owner. Désulmé has many products for sale, including paintings, stickers, journals, motivational cards, and digital art prints.


Maggie Hall is a contemporary artist based in Calgary. She uses her TikTok account to share her love and talent for pop art and hyper paintings. Currently, her most popular video showcases three art pieces with a hyper-realistic depiction of an empty and slightly crumpled bag of Cheezies chips. These and other artworks are for sale online on her website.


Indigenous artist, Jayda Delorme, uses her artistic talents to connect to her culture. Her stunning pieces bring to life iconic figures from the Nehiyawak Nation, like the thunderbird. While Delorme has only three videos on her account at the moment, the beautiful paintings she creates will leave you excited to see what comes next.


Despite what her name suggests, Alyssa Doggett paints with both acrylic and watercolours. Halifax’s wildlife regularly inspires the local artist, as she paints landscapes on wood panels, canvas, and mirrors. Doggett also accepts commissions from her Instagram or website, usually from couples looking to have their wedding photos painted.


Stephanie Mah is a tattoo artist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. While she's a tattoo artist by profession, her videos demonstrate the other artistic skills she uses to create beautiful tattoos for her clients; she uses digital software to make drafts of her commissions and paint beautiful murals, such as what she painted for a local coffee shop. As an emerging artist, she also makes videos advising those looking to get their first tattoo. Mah owns the private tattoo studio, Gemini Studios, and occasionally guest spots at studios outside of her province.


This contemporary artist has a visually distinct creative process, making her videos a joy to watch. Based in Ottawa, Amy Shackleton creates unique cityscapes and landscapes. Her TikTok account is full of videos of her placing drops of paint and spinning the canvas to control how the paint falls, creating dynamic and organic lines.


While this Canadian artist is well above ten thousand followers, she was added to this list for her unique art style. Based in Kelowna, Bri, or as she's known on TikTok Anna Quartz, creates beautiful resin artworks to brighten any room. Combining resin, paint, and gemstones, Anna Quartz transforms her canvases into abstract geode art pieces. Her art pieces and resin art resources are available on her website.

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