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Discover Art to Match Your Home Interior

Margot McCallion June 15 2022


Curating art as a part of the interior design process is not easy. This article provides examples of art pieces from the art platform Bidgala that can be incorporated into your home interior regardless of your design style.

Incorporating art into your home might seem daunting, but this article will shed light on some important things to consider to make the curation experience enjoyable. If you know your interior design style and are looking for artwork for your home interior, there are certain features to keep an eye out for depending on the given design aesthetic. The current interior design trends draw upon various themes, such as European Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern, and Minimalism. Of course, these styles have areas of overlap, but the following examples can act as a starting point for discovering art and purchasing artwork.

Before taste comes into play, an important tip to consider is the size of art you are looking for. Depending on the scale of the room as well as the size of your furniture, large art pieces can either be overpowering or empowering to a room’s design dynamic. A general rule to follow is to purchase a piece scaled to around ⅔ or ¾ of an available wall, or, alternatively, ⅔ or ¾ of a piece of furniture the art is centered around.

It is also important to decide whether you want the art to accent your decor or the other way around. Certain art is meant to be the center of attention, while other art pieces can tie in the statement furniture or decor pieces. In this process, it is crucial to pay attention to color and intricacy; a more simple piece in neutral tones or colors that matches your design pallet can beautifully fill an empty space without taking away from the solidarity of a room. Keep in mind, if you fall in love with a louder piece of artwork, it can be easier to design a room around the art. Art drawn from the online art platform, Bidgala, can be a starting point to finding artworks that match your home interior.

European Farmhouse

Home and Work by Marie-France Cohen

A European Farmhouse home interior design combines charm and elegance. This design style incorporates the warmth of the traditional American farmhouse with vintage old world pieces. Typically when searching to discover art for this interior style, one should aim to achieve a collection of portraits and landscape paintings that evoke the opulence of a European countryside villa. With these pieces the framing can be just as important as the art itself. See Custom Framing Your Art: When, Where, and How? for more info.

Streets of joy by Yziim
Our life story (Samurai) by Shimon Finkelstein
Graphite et Rouge 2020 by Gabriella Le Blanc

Mid-Century Modern

Architectural Digest

Mid-Century Modern interior design is a post-war design style focused on clean lines and the combination of different materials. Because of these features, selecting art for this decor style leaves room for a lot of creativity, and abstract pieces tend to tie in nicely with the overlapping natural and man-made juxtaposition of this design style. The selected pieces, available on Bidgala, are examples of how art can elevate both the appearance and feeling of a space.

Graffiti Mosaic by Tim Fammels
Enter by Kevin Bolliet



Lastly, Minimalist design has been all the rage since the flaws of consumerism have been brought into question, but purchasing art for minimalist spaces can be tricky; it is a fine balance of selecting pieces that can compliment the quiet appearance of a minimalist interior without clashing in terms of color, size or medium. Simplicity is key with this style, and the pieces selected below, available on Bidgala, illustrate the ability of art to accentuate a room without being the center of attention.

Legume Sinecure by William Howe
Towards Salt Spring by efg qy yq4tgqt
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