Choosing Art for Your Bathroom

Anastasia Koutsogiannis May 26 2021


As the smallest, most private room in your home, bathrooms can be tricky to decorate. Here are some tips to ease the challenge.

As we discussed in a previous Bidgala article, art can be a valuable addition to your home as unique room decor. You can easily find art pieces online that bring out the colors and aesthetics of any space you are trying to decorate. In this article, we will delve into that further by giving you some tips on how to decorate one of the essential rooms of your home: the bathroom.

The bathroom is the headquarters of obnoxious shower singing, spontaneous crying sessions, morning/nighttime rituals, and the occasional “I can probably do a wall-sit while brushing my teeth” ingenuity.

These crucial moments set the tone for our day; so, why not enhance your space into something enjoyable? Purchasing art for your bathroom should be at the top of your home interior to-do list.

That said, the task can be slightly intimidating. Bathrooms are usually small and built solely for functionality; but that doesn’t mean we can’t work with them. If done in a well-thought, practical way, your bathroom art will tie all your interior decor together.

Be mindful of humidity

The tricky thing about bathrooms is they tend to get humid with water use, which can be damaging to certain art pieces. Luckily though, there are only two materials that you really need to avoid: glass glazing and paper/wood.

When it comes to paintings, a glaze (a thin layer of transparent paint that adds vibrance) overtop can be a beautiful finishing touch; just make sure it is an acrylic glazing rather than glass. Glass easily traps moisture and increases the risk of mold. You also want to avoid anything paper-based (be careful with posters and prints), or anything with wood framing. Paper based items easily hold moisture, and wood framing tends to expand and contract with temperature changes. For maximum precaution, opt for canvas-based pieces and aluminium framing[1].

Extra tip: Do your best to keep the door open (especially after a bath or shower) to promote air circulation[2].

Find a concept

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Now that you’ve eliminated any potential risky inconveniences, the fun begins. Take a step back and examine the colors, shapes, and textures already present in your bathroom. What patterns do you recognize? Do you want the art to complement the space, or are you looking for something a little more bold and clashing?

Once you have a general idea, create a moodboard (Canva or Pinterest will do fine) so you can visualize your thoughts a bit better. Perhaps a specific art movement or architectural style caught your eye; identify it and work from there. For instance, if you’re a fan of Art Deco design, search for photos of bathrooms from the 1930s and choose your art based on their most prominent visual qualities.

On the other hand, you may prefer a mix of traits from any period. In this case, choose a theme rather than a specific style. If you enjoy the beach and want a tropical atmosphere, prioritize pastel blues, beiges, and greens.

Extra tip: When creating your moodboard, add a photo of your own bathroom in the centre and place all other creative inspiration around it.

Choose the arrangement

As already mentioned, bathrooms (especially small or mid-sized ones) are usually set up for practical reasons. Make sure to keep layout in mind when you pick your art. If there’s a lot of wall space, you’ll have the option of a gallery style display for a French Salon vibe. If not, what can you do with the surfaces available? Fill any shelves or counters with art pieces of your liking, but be careful. Clutter means more potential for knocking things over. You don’t want to drop an expensive piece while rushing to grab your toothbrush on a Monday morning.

Explore wallpaper/murals

If space is limited or you’re more of a minimalist, keep the room free of extra objects and let the walls express your style. Wall art is very visually stimulating and doesn’t take up any additional space. You can choose simple patterns, or even commission your favorite artist to do a full mural. Gone unaccompanied, the neutral colors and ivories of a bathroom can make the room look dull. Including a vibrant or intricate background will make them pop!

Extra tip: For a cohesive look, choose a wallpaper with accents that match the color of the faucet handles or drawer knobs.

Include sculptures

There’s something about a sculpture gloriously resting on a bathroom counter that screams luxury. If the counter or shelf space allows it, place a three-dimensional piece in a safe area. You can use this to break the mundanity of any bathroom products you have laying around.

Take advantage if you have the shelf space to bring tridimensional art to your bathroom

For example, an exposed shelf stocking toilet paper rolls or towels would benefit from a more aesthetically pleasing companion. A sculpture that is strategically placed will act as an attractive organizational separator between items.

Experiment with mirrors

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can incorporate art directly onto your bathroom mirrors. Scout out a local painter who takes commissions and ask if they are willing to paint with a mirror as their canvas. You can’t go wrong; most kinds of paint work well on glass and mirror surfaces and it’s an exciting way to challenge your chosen artist.

Humor us!

“Petecasso” by Chris Simonite

Depending on personal taste and how cheesy you’re willing to be, bathrooms are a great spot for clever jokes. If you’re into absurdist or satirical art, express it! It’ll surely be an entertaining surprise for your guests.

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[1] How to Protect a Picture From Moisture While Hanging in the Bathroom

[2] What Not to Do When Displaying Art in Your Bath

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