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Bob Ross: An Artist Profile

Affrah Imtiaz May 24 2023


A profile of one of America’s most beloved and talented artists who aimed to make art accessible to everyone.

You might have heard the name 'Bob Ross' if you are an art enthusiast. Robert Norman Ross was a television show host, an art instructor, and one of America's most famous painters, with more than 1000 landscape paintings.

Photo by Carroll Bryant

Although the American artist was most well-known in the 1980s and 1990s, many people still find inspiration in him and still adore him. His charitable and gentle character attracted recognition on a global scale. Both his behaviour and work have demonstrated this. Streaming services, such as Netflix and Youtube have allowed for a resurgence in his popularity by introducing him to an entire new generation. He became so popular that there is now Bob Ross merchandise available.

He stood out from the other artists with his distinctive, calming voice and words of inspiration. Bob Ross is credited with coining the famous adage, "We don't make mistakes, only happy little accidents." There was a kindness to him that made people particularly fond of him.

His works were donated to PBS, a public non-profit that produces educational art television programming. The American artist was well known for his love of wildlife and for caring for and keeping small animals as pets. Additionally, Ross also served in the military for twenty years and was not paid for any of his television shows.

Photo by together we served

His videos and working methods were intended to demonstrate to people that art is simple to learn and that everyone can do it. He had a unique way of looking at art education. It also fueled individuals with ambition by demonstrating that painting is a skill that can be acquired without going to school. His goal was to educate an audience of art lovers rather than to paint for galleries, lucrative businesses, or museums.

Bob Ross in The Joy of Painting from BBC

Almost all of Bob Ross’s art pieces, as seen in his videos, were completed fast and without difficulty. His viewers not only watched him for his talented skills but also because there was a certain satisfaction to watching his brushes glide on the oil paints, accompanied by his loving demeanour. His contributions to the art community will forever live on.

Today, Bob’s original paintings sell for an estimated $8,000 to $10,000, according to Bob Ross Inc. Art Enthusiasts can see some of Bob Ross’s authentic art online and displayed at the Bob Ross Art Workshop & Gallery, in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

“You can do anything here – the only prerequisite is that it makes you happy.” -Bob Ross

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