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Art Inspiration From Everyday Scenes

Amodini Allu September 21 2022


We come across a lot of inspirations in our day-to-day life. It depends on how we document the things around us for our inspiration. Here are a few methods that any art enthusiast can try to intensify their artistic journey.

The art of looking at things from a different point of view always opens up new ideas. This is a common task that every creative person and art enthusiast practices to develop their artistic skills. The above-shown picture clearly portrays an example of seeing a dry leaf as a person’s face. The veins and the patterns in the leaf are seen as part of the face. There are plenty of ways to come up with ideas and there are no limits to it.

Art by Amodini Allu

Getting inspirations from nature:

The moment we step outside, we are connected with various inspirations that are very simple yet effective. If you’re someone who loves to document minor details, then this is the best exercise to develop your creative skills.

One of the many things that artists do is take cues from nature for their artworks. As an art lover, you can take inspiration from nature. If you’re a person who loves watching sunsets, then you can take advantage of the amazing and vibrant colour palettes that can be captured as the sun disappears below the horizon. The gradient and the slow tinge of bright sun rays are a treat to watch and get inspired by.

Art by Amodini Allu

There are a lot of other sceneries like a scene from a park with a lake view that can give a palette of cool blues and grays. A walk along the neighborhood can open up to a palette of green shades. Nature always reveals beautiful colours of different hues that one might wonder about how they naturally exist.

Art by Amodini Allu

Character development from objects:

Developing characters from objects that are lying around us can be a great exercise to unveil if you are a comic artist. It can be anything from an oil container to a watering can. If an art enthusiast looks at an object, they can see it as a person with a stretched arm or something else entirely. It all depends on unlearning things and looking at our surroundings from a different perspective.

Art by Amodini Allu

This is a fun experiment that takes a short period of time to come up with ideas. Capturing the basic shapes and elements of the object would be the first step of the process for any art lover. This can be followed by tracing the outline of the object and sketching the facial elements of the character. The final step would be filling out the colours and adding any necessary details to it.

Inspiration from books and songs:

Most of us enjoy reading books, articles or newspapers. Have you ever tried sketching out a scene from a text that you read that really inspired you? Your sketch doesn’t have to be perfect; it can be random and reflect the exact way you imagined the scene to be. Besides reading, another common daily activity is listening to music. There are a plethora of ways for art enthusiasts to get inspired by music. Songs with beautiful lyrics are one way to get inspiration for your future artworks. While some artists just go with the flow when they're creating their art by listening to a particular playlist.

Art by Amodini Allu

This illustration was inspired from a song of which the lyrics go by

“By the foothills there are trees, near which there is a small house surrounded by loneliness around…”

The above song is translated from another language and by the Artist - Yuvan Shankar Raja

Improving our imaginary skills and sketching them out can be a fun exercise to practice. What was the last book that you read or the song you recently listened to, that you can sketch out right away?

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