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Art Galleries Every Art Lover Should See this Autumn in Montreal

Karina Bocchicchio August 14 2022


The end of summer means one thing - art enthusiasts can enjoy new art events in Montreal! Here are some exhibits at Montreal’s finest art galleries you can look forward to this fall.

As summer ends and the changing colours of leaves bring the cool autumn weather, many art lovers will be looking for things to do that will spark their creative appetite. Luckily, Montreal is a cultural hub for artists to show off their talent. From art exhibitions to vibrant festivals, the city is full of events any art enthusiast would love!

McCord museum

The MMFA has several exhibitions opening and closing this fall. From the Du Mussee Avenue art demonstration to the vibrant artworks displayed indoors, every art lover will find something they enjoy! Contre-espace is a digital art display you can see from sunset to 11 pm until November 27, where the art is projected on the museum's exterior. Meanwhile, indoors you can explore the work of Nicolas Party in the L'heure mauve exhibit. These nature-themed murals will be on display until October 16.

The art gallery will also introduce four new exhibitions between September and October. September 1 is the start of Outside the palace of me, a multi-sensory project created by Canadian artist Shary Boyle. This display of sculpture, drawings, and other artistic media explores cultural crises through the lens of theatrical dressings. Starting September 15 is the Diane Arbus exhibit, displaying striking black and white photos she's taken between 1956-1971. In collaboration with the Cite de la musique – Philharmonie de Paris, MMFA will present Seeing Loud: Basquiat and Music on October 15. This multi-media exhibition will explore the influence of 20th-century musician Basquiat. And lastly, on November 10, the museum will be displaying Tusarnitut, a part-historical and part-anthropological look at the role of music in Intuit culture and visual art.

No matter what exhibition you choose to see, tickets are sold online and in person.

World press photo expo

Any art enthusiast has to experience the World Press Photo Exposition. This annual photography competition is celebrating its 65th anniversary at Bonsecour Market and will be showcasing photos from 4066 artists from 130 countries. Starting August 31 to October 2, anyone looking to get ticket information can look on their website.


Oasis Immersion is a sensory experience that claims to refuel the minds of all who visit. At the moment, they have two artistic experiences to enjoy. RECHARGER/Unwind is an exhibit meant to soothe and relax those who come to see it. Comprising three rooms, the experience seeks to bring every art lover on a journey to let go of everyday stressors, stimulate imagination and inspiration, and return to everyday life with a grounded connection to nature. Similarly, Van Gogh Distortion pays homage to the Dutch artist by bringing his works to life. In three galleries, visitors will see and interact with Van Gogh's rarely seen sketches, imagining what the artist could achieve with today's technology. Please take note that flashing and intense lighting is used for both exhibits, so it may not be suitable for those with epilepsy and other conditions with sensitivity to light. Both exhibits end September 5 and tickets are available online.

Phi center

This unique art gallery hosts some of the most elegant immersive art exhibitions in Montreal, consisting of three entities - the PHI Center, PHI Foundation, and PHI Studio. The PHI is celebrating the anniversaries of two of these entities; their center is celebrating its 10th anniversary, while the foundation celebrates its 15th. To commemorate this special occasion, the PHI is offering tours in the month of August they call Pathways. Anyone who reserves a ticket will be led on a journey through the PHI's three locations and experience at least two of their incredible exhibits. Visitors can choose the following pathways:

Pathway 1

- Yayoi Kusama: DANCING LIGHTS THAT FLEW UP TO THE UNIVERSE (full exhibition: sculptures, installations, paintings, two Infinity Mirrored Rooms)

- Doux soft club: bleu de lieu


Pathway 2

- Marco Brambilla: Heaven's Gate


Pathway 3

- Horizons VR

- Marco Brambilla: Heaven's Gate

- Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrored Rooms (access to rooms only, not full DANCING LIGHTS THAT FLEW UP TO THE UNIVERSE exhibit)


You can visit these exhibitions after the month of August as individual visits and tickets are available for purchase online.

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