How To Describe and Sell Your Art on Online Art Platforms? Tips for Writing Artwork Descriptions for Up-and-Coming Artists

In order to sell your art on online art platforms, it is necessary to write clear and concise descriptions to accompany your works of art. Here are a few tips for emerging and student artists on how to effectively write artwork descriptions to sell art online.

Lala Mouradian February 09 2022 2 comments

Top 10 ways for Art Lovers to Get Involved in the Fine Art Community During the Covid Pandemic

Here are the best resources and tricks for art enthusiasts looking to increase their appreciation of original and local visual art in the midst of the Coronavirus.

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What You Should Know About Using NFT Platforms to Sell Your Art as an Emerging Artist

The world of NFTs can seem daunting. This article breaks down how they can help independent artists sell physical art, while keeping in mind some of the major risks involved.

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12 Instagram Accounts to Follow If You Love Art and Culture

Stay up to date with the art world with the social media accounts of these contemporary artists, curators, art spaces, art lovers, and more!

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Analysis of Kon Trubkovich’s The Antepenultimate End

Join Bidgala as we take a magnifying glass to this incredibly interesting piece.

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Artists Spotlight: Mennato Tedesco and Aurelia Mertens

Both sharing a passion for painting and human portrait, Tedesco and Mertens are talented European up-and-coming artists that you should take a look at.

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Affordable ways to Collect Art Supplies

Don’t let financial limitations get in the way of your creativity. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to collect art supplies on a budget.

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6 Reasons why you should do your Holiday Shopping on Bidgala

Give your loved ones the gift of beautiful artwork this holiday season!

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Using Photography as Home Decor

Here’s a quick guide to help you learn how to include photography in your home.

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Youtube Channels to Watch if You are Passionate About Art

Looking for some new art content to binge? Check out this list of art focused YouTube channels!

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