Does Beauty Truly Lie in the Eye of the Beholder?

Is beauty objective? Are things just naturally beautiful? Or do we innately choose what is beautiful based on our own personalized preferences and opinions? These are the foremost questions in the field of aesthetics, which I will unpack below.

Daniel Arwas March 01 2023 0 comments

Albums to Study if You’re an Art Lover

As an emerging artist, it can be hard getting inspiration for a project. That’s why it’s great to look at everything - even album covers.

Aliyah Lashley February 21 2023 0 comments

How Do Street Artists/Wall Muralists Paint on a Large Scale?

Have you ever wondered how contemporary artists get the perfect scale and proportion for their paintings when a wall is their canvas? What strategies and rules of thumb do they follow to figure out the composition of these contemporary paintings? Let’s dive deep into their strategies to uncover this mystery.

Amodini Allu February 15 2023 0 comments

Photography as Art and How Photography Has Evolved Over Time

Is photography truly art? This is an age-long question within the art community. Join the discussion about the evolution of photography and why it is an outstanding visual art form used by contemporary artists today.

Joan Amanwi February 08 2023 0 comments

Top 5 Digital Painting Softwares for Emerging Artists

With the rise of digital art, the art community has plenty of resources at their disposal. Here is the most popular software up-and-coming artists use to create their digital paintings.

Karina Bocchicchio February 01 2023 0 comments

Beginner Embroidery Tips and Ideas for Art Lovers and Visual Artists to Try

Whether you’re new to embroidery or a veteran crafter, here are some fun and easy beginner tips and designs for art lovers and visual artists to try!

Isabella Izzo January 25 2023 0 comments

The 5 Best Places in Canada for Artists to Live In—Or Visit!

For many artists, their art is more than a means of self-expression and creativity. For them, it is a lifestyle. The art scene varies from province to province, but you are sure to find a unique artistic flair in each of the 5 places we have listed down below.

Dorran Abbott January 18 2023 0 comments

Synaesthesia: The Fascinating Sensory Phenomenon You Need to Know About

Synaesthesia is the rare ability to interpret one sense as another: People with synaesthesia can often hear colours, taste feelings or smell sounds. How does this psychological condition work, and what does it mean for contemporary artists and the art community?

Daniel Arwas January 11 2023 0 comments

How to Handle Criticism About Your Art as an Up-And-Coming Artist

Have you received some criticism about your art that just shattered you? That made you look at yourself and say, “Where did I go wrong?” Here are a few tips to help you deal with criticism from the art community.

Aliyah Lashley January 04 2023 0 comments

Mixed Media: A Beginner’s Guide

Whether you’re an emerging artist looking to try something new, or an art enthusiast wanting to try an arts-based activity, mixed media can be a fun art form to experiment with different methods and mediums. Here is a simple guide describing various materials and tools you can use to create your own mixed-media masterpiece!

Hannah Taylor December 28 2022 0 comments