Synaesthesia: The Fascinating Sensory Phenomenon You Need to Know About

Synaesthesia is the rare ability to interpret one sense as another: People with synaesthesia can often hear colours, taste feelings or smell sounds. How does this psychological condition work, and what does it mean for contemporary artists and the art community?

Daniel Arwas January 11 2023 0 comments

How to Handle Criticism About Your Art as an Up-And-Coming Artist

Have you received some criticism about your art that just shattered you? That made you look at yourself and say, “Where did I go wrong?” Here are a few tips to help you deal with criticism from the art community.

Aliyah Lashley January 04 2023 0 comments

Mixed Media: A Beginner’s Guide

Whether you’re an emerging artist looking to try something new, or an art enthusiast wanting to try an arts-based activity, mixed media can be a fun art form to experiment with different methods and mediums. Here is a simple guide describing various materials and tools you can use to create your own mixed-media masterpiece!

Hannah Taylor December 28 2022 0 comments

5 Paintings That Evoke the Holiday Season

For those that celebrate, there is an undeniable whimsy to the holiday season. We have selected five paintings that best evoke the magical feeling of wintertime and the warmth of the holiday season.

Dorran Abbott December 22 2022 0 comments

Four Easy D.I.Y. Projects for Art Lovers on a Budget

Looking for a way to spruce up your home? Many art lovers have elevated their home interiors with handmade goods. Here are four eco-friendly and budget-friendly D.I.Y. art projects you can do at home.

Isabella Izzo December 14 2022 0 comments

The Best Ways to Bring Awareness and Sell Your Art (Other Than Instagram)

Are you struggling to sell your art on Instagram and out of ideas on how to succeed as an emerging artist? Here are the best ways to promote your brand and sell your art, and all you need is a smartphone!

Daniel Arwas December 07 2022 0 comments

Tips for Choosing Online Print Art as a Gift Option This Holiday

Whether you are a novice to the art world or an avid art enthusiast, this article is all about helping you pick out the best art for your special someone this holiday season.

Joan Amanwi November 30 2022 0 comments

Four Must-See Contemporary Artists’ Exhibitions Today

Are you looking for inspiration from talented artists or an escape from home? Heed my advice and see these four contemporary artists’ work in an art gallery.

Aliyah Lashley November 23 2022 0 comments

How Art from Waste is Going to Influence the Future

How interesting it can be to make art from waste? It is an eco-friendly method of creating art that serves many purposes, like spreading awareness for a specific issue (like plastic polluting our oceans) while making garbage aesthetically appealing. Let’s discover some works of emerging artists who have explored various attempts to make art out of waste materials.

Amodini Allu November 16 2022 0 comments

Commodifying Your Original Artwork

Selling original artwork is not easy. Connecting with art galleries to be featured in showcases and exhibitions is becoming less doable, particularly following the Covid-19 Pandemic. Accessibility to these opportunities is largely reduced due to the fact that in-person options and events for selling art are held less frequently and with lower capacities. Digital art marketplaces are a perfect alternative to more traditional (in-person) methods for sales, however, the high competition on these sites solicits the need for different commodification opportunities. This article will shed light on some unique techniques that emerging artists can capitalize on to increase the visibility of their artwork.

Margot McCallion November 09 2022 0 comments