Making Art in Times of Pandemic: A Conversation with Maria Susarenko

The story of independent artist Maria Susarneko and her journey throughout a global pandemic.

María Escalona June 10 2021 3 comments

8 Online Resources for Artists to Bookmark

Where to sell your art? What is an art residency? How can I get funding? Are you an emerging artist asking yourself these questions? Don’t quite know where to ask? Start by consulting this list of essential websites made to help you succeed in your artistic career.

María Escalona June 03 2021 2 comments

Making Art in Times of Pandemic: A Conversation with Jetro Emilcar

Quarantine was the ”perfect opportunity to experiment” and that’s exactly what this ambitious emerging artist is doing.

María Escalona June 03 2021 2 comments

Choosing Art for Your Bathroom

As the smallest, most private room in your home, bathrooms can be tricky to decorate. Here are some tips to ease the challenge.

Anastasia Koutsogiannis May 26 2021 5 comments

Why You Should Value Art as Home Decor

Just in case you’re hesitating, here are some reasons why you should take your love for art to the next level and include it in your home.

Anastasia Koutsogiannis May 19 2021 5 comments

The Past and Future of Pop Art with Halle Castille

Pop artist Halle Castille and I discuss the pop art movement; from Andy Warhol’s original hopes to the future of 3D installation.

Anastasia Koutsogiannis May 13 2021 6 comments

How to Price Your Art: Be Fair or Be Square

Let’s talk money. Whether you are an emerging artist or an established artist, you have to find the balance between a fair price for you, and a fair price for the buyer if you want to make it in this industry. Here are some tips to help you price your art.

María Escalona May 13 2021 3 comments

Useful Tips for Packaging Your Art

Whether it is a sculpture, a wall hanging, a print or a painting that you are sending away, we hope these 10 steps will help you in the process of packaging it safely, efficiently and affordably.

María Escalona May 08 2021 5 comments

5 Reasons You Should Support Emerging Artists

Looking for new art? Here is the incentive you need to purchase from up-and-coming artists.

Anastasia Koutsogiannis May 08 2021 6 comments

Artist’s Spotlight: 3 Artists to Watch Out for

Bidgala highlights the visual art practices of Halle Castille, Dasha Pears, and Jetro Emilcar, their inspirations, and aspirations.

Christina Marando May 04 2021 7 comments