5 Incredibly Talented LGBTQIA+ Artists of Colour

From painting to photography, and everything in between, here are some LGBTQIA+ identifying artists of colour whose work you won’t want to miss!

Isabella Izzo June 07 2023 0 comments

Canadian Summer fairs you should consider going to if you’re a contemporary artist

Need some inspiration? Or just want to get out of the house? Try an art fair. The world's best art fairs give visitors in-depth looks into the countless pieces on display, and the contemporary artists who produced them the artists/artists work will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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Bob Ross: An Artist Profile

A profile of one of America’s most beloved and talented artists who aimed to make art accessible to everyone.

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Interior Design Tips: A beginner’s guide to different types of printmaking

Printmaking is an art form in itself and, though complex, it is rewarding to those who master and use it in creating original art pieces. This article summarizes the different types of printmaking techniques and how they work.

Joan Amanwi May 17 2023 0 comments

Duck Stamps: a Realistic Art Contest that Helps Preserve America’s Wetlands.

Did you know the hunting world and the art community have an eco-friendly intersection? Take flight in this niche realistic art contest and learn how emerging artists are using their original art to preserve American wildlife.

Karina Bocchicchio May 10 2023 0 comments

Graphic Novels as a Form of Art

Graphic novels serve as an intersection between literature and visual arts, and are a great way to discover art! Whether sketches or realistic drawings, graphic novels showcase original art and are fun to collect.

Isabella Izzo May 02 2023 0 comments

Where to Start in Your Art Collecting Journey

Art collecting may seem intimidating and elitist from the outside; a passion that is reserved for wealthy art enthusiasts. However, art collecting is for anyone! That is why we have listed some tips and tricks for beginner art collectors in their pursuit of purchasing art.

Dorran Abbott April 26 2023 0 comments

Impressionism vs. Cubism: A Beginner’s Guide

The early 19th-century advent of industrialization elicited crucial philosophical paradigms of modernity. Responding to these values, artists of the time developed styles of art, such as impressionism and cubism. As they were reactionary for the period, their visual arts promoted novel, revolutionary efforts to coexist with vibrant pluralistic values and progressive lifestyles.

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How to Balance Your Life Being a Contemporary Artist

It can be stressful trying to balance your life as a contemporary artist. Here are some techniques you can try to help create positive habits and set boundaries.

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What is the Purpose of Art In Society?

We think about the visual arts as something we love seeing, hearing, touching - perhaps even smelling or tasting. Rarely do we stop and think about what the actual purpose of the arts is in society. Why is it given government funding? Why are so many awards created and presented for different art and cultural achievements? Here are some thoughts about the purpose(s) of art in our society.

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