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6 Cool Art Studios that We Love!

Allison Holcik June 08 2022


A look into the workspaces and art studios of six artists who create on Bidgala.

1. Claudia Tremblay

Claudia Tremblay

Claudia fell in love with painting as a teen. She has been travelling the world and painting as a way to connect with others and their cultures ever since. As she travels, Claudia paints portraits of young women. Check out her Instagram to follow her on her journey: @claudiatremblaystudio.

2. Linda Lieffers

Linda Lieffers

Linda Lieffers (@artistaunleashed) is an intuitive abstract impressionist artist. She finds art therapeutic and calming, and it connects her to the world. Many of her paintings are natural landscapes inspired by her time in Mexico.

3. Marianne H. Nielsen

Marianne H. Nielsen

Marianne is a Canadian painter. Her artwork is inspired by nature and the cosmos, which she connects with emotion through her abstract and layered works. Marianne’s studio overlooks the forest for inspiration. More of her work can be found on her Instagram, @marianne.h.nielsen.art.

4. Ozlem Thompson

Ozlem Thompson

Ozlem is a science-oriented abstract painter whose studio was the apartment of painter Piet Mondrian in London, England. She lets her knowledge of nature and personhood inspire positivity through landscapes painted on canvas. Find out more about Ozlem’s message here.

5. Ryan Anthony

Ryan Anthony

Ryan is inspired by his personal obstacles and experiences, which he translates to journal-like original artwork with a variety of mediums. Set in the USA, Ryan’s method of “creative documentation” continues to excite the world. To see more of Ryan’s work, check out his profile on Bidgala!

6. Audrey-Ève Goulet

Audrey-Ève Goulet

Audrey-Ève is a painter who calls Montreal, Quebec, home. She focuses on texture and colour in her work and loves to experiment with new mediums. To learn more about her work, check her out on Bidgala, or through her Instagram, @audrey.eve.

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