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5 Online Resources for Emerging Artists To Find Opportunities for Art Awards, Exhibitions, Residencies​​, and Much More

Lala Mouradian February 25 2022


Check out this list of 5 resources to help you find opportunities in the art world!

Are you looking for opportunities to enter competitions, showcase your original art, and connect with other artists and members of the art community worldwide? Here are five online resources to explore in-person and virtual art awards, competitions, and contests, as well as art residencies and festivals.

1. Side Arts: This is a service that provides calls-for-artists listings for local and international proposals, exhibitions, competitions, vendor events, and residencies for emerging artists and established painters, photographers, sculptors, and crafters. You can find listings from businesses, government-aided programs, galleries, non-profit organizations, and other promoters looking for talented artists.

Besides regularly checking Side Art’s website, you can also follow their Instagram page to keep up with the latest listings.

2. ZAPPlication: This platform allows artists to apply online to multiple art fairs, shows, and other such festivals through a single website. Moreover, the online application process on this platform enables artists to upload digital images of their original art for jury review. After the submission, the images are presented to the jurors of each specific art show so that the artworks are evaluated online. Afterward, artists are informed about the status of their applications through an email accompanied by additional details if applicable. Similar to Side Arts, the Instagram page for ZAPPlication is also a great channel to follow to stay up to date about all the opportunities.

3. The Art Guide: While Zapplication is a third-party platform that connects artists to different art fairs and shows, The Art Guide gives artists the opportunity to submit their original works of art directly to the organizations hosting the art events. Also, this platform gets updated daily, which means you can find new opportunities to apply to every day.

4. CaFÉ: This platform is similar to The Art Guide as it enables artists to directly apply to different artistic opportunities, such as art residencies, proposals, exhibitions, shows, and many more. However, the calls-for-artists on this platform are only for US-based artists. Every listing on CaFÉ includes the necessary details such as fees, dates, and application deadlines. Also, artists can do a search by choosing specific call types, eligibility, and location within the United States.

Finally, you can check this website for step-by-step guidelines on how to apply to a call for entry on CaFÉ

5. Art Opportunities: While all the previous platforms are free to use for emerging artists and professional artists, Art Opportunities is another resource for artists to explore different opportunities within the art community for a monthly fee of $5 USD. In order to get access to listed residencies, shows, fellowships, and grants on the website, you need to register with your email address and receive a monthly optimized list of opportunities.

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