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4 Art Business Books for Up-and-Upcoming Artists

Lala Mouradian June 01 2022


Blog posts and YouTube videos can be great resources to gain insight into the world of art business. However, if you are looking to take some time off the screen, books are a great alternative. Here are four art business books to learn more about career development, art marketing, grant writing, selling your art, and more.

1. “The Artist’s Guide: How to Make a Living Doing What You Love” by Jackie Battenfield is a comprehensive guide for up-and-upcoming artists pursuing a career in the visual arts. The book provides real-life examples, illustrations, and exercises to help artists in the early stages of their careers. As an artist and an arts educator, Battenfield also offers insightful advice and guidance on all aspects of the world of art, including art marketing, grant writing, portfolio development, building meaningful professional relationships, and many more. Moreover, each chapter of the book ends with a “reality check” interview that features useful information and advice from artists and other professionals.

2. “How to Sell Your Art Online: Live a Successful Creative Life on Your Own Terms” by Cory Huff offers entry-level guidance on selling art online for up-and-upcoming artists. Huff provides effective business strategies for artists to make a living from their artistic creations and offers advice on finding their niche, creating an effective website, and telling their individual and unique stories. The author also offers advice on social media marketing, paid advertising, blogging, and so on.

3. “Art, Inc.: The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist” is a guidebook by professional artist Lisa Congdon. The book reveals different ways for artists to sell their art and earn a living through their artistic talents, such as illustration, selling original works of art, print sales, teaching, and many more. The book also includes advice from other established artists and equips its readers with the necessary knowledge to diversify their income, copyright their artworks, and promote and sell their art online.

4. “Real Artists Don't Starve: Timeless Strategies for Thriving in the New Creative Age” by Geff Goins addresses and discredits the long-standing myth that creativity and financial success are mutually exclusive. In the book, the author reveals that artistic talent and creation are in fact profitable characteristics in the marketplace. Goins also offers insights and strategies for thriving in the world of art and succeeding as an artist.

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