Guide for Emerging Artists: Using References

Photo references are among the most important tools in an artist’s toolbox. Let’s talk about how to use them properly.

Leah Cromarty February 21 2024 0 comments

5 Women-Owned Art Galleries in Canada

Want to support women-owned businesses and see some fantastic artwork? Check out these 5 women-owned art galleries in Canada!

Hannah Taylor February 14 2024 0 comments

Art and Activism – How Activists Use Art to Communicate.

Art and activism can be a powerful marriage when used successfully. Here are a few ways activists use art to communicate.

Joan Amanwi February 07 2024 0 comments

6 Books Inspired by Famous Paintings

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, some authors take inspiration from artworks to craft intricate stories. Art enthusiasts will love these five novels based on famous paintings.

Karina Bocchicchio January 31 2024 0 comments

Art in the Age of Technology: AI Art’s Evolution as a Threat to the Art Community

The recent rise in AI art has already taken the art community by storm. How is this modern art form impacting independent artists and their craft?

Leah Cromarty January 24 2024 0 comments

Reimaging Your Office Interior With Online Art

Did you know that the appearance of your office interior can influence your mood and productivity? This article shares tips on how to elevate your office space with art. The sample pictures in this article will help you make great design choices for your space.

Joan Amanwi January 17 2024 0 comments

Why Art is Essential for Environmental Activism

Art has been deployed as a tool for social change for hundreds of years, whether through music, visual art, installations, dance, etc. As activists continue tackling the climate crisis, artists have been using their creativity and artistry to help elucidate important, and often dire, messages.

Dorran Abbott January 10 2024 0 comments

Notable Paper Artists in Canada

The art platform has never ceased to surprise us with any of its mediums. It takes years and years of dedication to finalize a concept. Let’s discover the thought processes behind most of the original paper art and get to know a few incredible artists and their works.

Amodini Allu January 03 2024 0 comments

Understanding and Appreciating Abstract Paintings

Abstract art is an enigma for many people, an art form that is both mesmerizing and confusing. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a beginner, let’s dive into the world of abstract art, exploring the power of shape and colour, and uncovering how this art style encourages us to view the world in exciting new ways.

Leah Cromarty December 27 2023 0 comments

Hidden Messages in Famous Paintings

You know what’s great about art? There is always room for interpretation. Some of the world's most famous artists purposefully include hidden messages in their paintings, whether to challenge viewers or reveal something about themselves. Here are some hidden meanings in art that you may or may not have noticed.

Aliyah Lashley December 20 2023 0 comments