How To Find Your Target Consumers as an Emerging Artist?

Reaching the right audience is key to the success of any business, and the art world is no exception. As an emerging artist, finding your target consumers is essential to effectively promote and sell your art. Here are a few tips on how to find (and potentially keep) your ideal customers.

Lala Mouradian May 18 2022 0 comments

Top Five Art Magazines To Follow To Gain Insights Into the Art World

Are you an art lover and want to emerge yourself into the art community and keep up to date with the latest art news and trends? Here are five art magazines to read to learn more about the arts.

Lala Mouradian May 11 2022 2 comments

How To Make the Best Out of Your Next Museum Visit

If you’re not an art historian (like many of us are not), a visit to the museum might feel a bit overwhelming. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your next museum visit.

Lala Mouradian May 05 2022 2 comments

Embroidery: The Artist’s Revolution

How textile artists are using the history of their medium to make modern statements.

Allison Holcik April 27 2022 2 comments

Custom Framing Your Art: When, Where, and How?

So much beautiful art can be found languishing in the shadows of an attic or the depths of a closet, hanging onto that promise of “I’ll get around to framing it sometime soon…” If this sounds familiar, perhaps this guide can inspire you to make that leap.

Madeleine Bingham April 13 2022 1 comments

Five Art Documentaries to Watch if You Want To Learn More About Art

Are you interested in learning more about art and the art community? Here are six art documentaries that explore how art has changed over time. Discover different art practices, art movements, art forms, and the creative processes of renowned artists.

Lala Mouradian April 06 2022 1 comments

Online Educational Resources for Up-and-coming Artists

Do you want access to online art educational resources? Here are four online platforms for up-and-coming artists to learn more about art and art practices.

Lala Mouradian March 30 2022 0 comments

Five Art Festivals in Spring-Summer 2022

Check out these cool art festivals scheduled for summer 2022!

Lala Mouradian March 16 2022 1 comments

Unexpected Things Artists Can Learn from Books

Explore the broad range of literary resources available to artists looking to expand their understanding of the art world.

Allison Holcik March 09 2022 1 comments

5 Art Education Podcast Recommendations to Get Into the World of Fine Art

If you’ve been wanting to delve a little deeper into learning about the fine art world, but find it all a bit too daunting and high-brow, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there are so many art aficionados, art historians, and plain old passionate art lovers with microphones out there who have made it their business to render the Art World™ more accessible to us layfolk.

Madeleine Bingham March 02 2022 0 comments