Creating Your Own Original Art Collection

Collecting original art has developed a reputation to be a hobby reserved for the rich and famous, but in reality, it can be done on any budget. If starting a personal art collection interests you, this article will provide some tips and tricks to make the collecting experience enjoyable and affordable.

Margot McCallion September 28 2022 0 comments

Art Inspiration From Everyday Scenes

We come across a lot of inspirations in our day-to-day life. It depends on how we document the things around us for our inspiration. Here are a few methods that any art enthusiast can try to intensify their artistic journey.

Amodini Allu September 21 2022 0 comments

Four Renowned Films About Art Movements

A list of exemplary cinematic pieces of art history every enthusiast should watch document timeless aesthetic creations, encapsulating the tenacious lives of acclaimed artists through experimental visual narratives.

Sara Mansour September 14 2022 0 comments

Hyper-Realistic Cakes: a New Medium for Up-and-Coming Artists

Many independent artists are posting their realistic-looking cake art online. Due to the meme’s growing popularity, Netflix’s new show Is It Cake highlights a selection of these talented cake artists.

Karina Bocchicchio September 07 2022 0 comments

Marketing Your Art on Social Media

Using social media to promote artwork can be an extremely valuable marketing tool for artists of any kind looking to sell their art online. Regardless of an individual’s level of experience, online platforms create an even playing field for generating exposure when used appropriately. This is why, especially for emerging artists and students, it is important to nail your social media marketing strategy to be able to sell your art.

Margot McCallion August 31 2022 0 comments

How to Name Your Paintings

Have you ever finished a painting, but become stuck on what to call it? This guide will help you find the best title for your artwork that appeals to the arts community.

Hannah Taylor August 24 2022 0 comments

An Artist’s Guide to Approaching Art Galleries and Gaining Recognition

For emerging artists, art galleries can be incredibly intimidating. Here is a foolproof guide for breaking into the gallery art community and helping fellow art enthusiasts discover your art.

Maxine Kirsten Magtoto August 18 2022 2 comments

Art Galleries Every Art Lover Should See this Autumn in Montreal

The end of summer means one thing - art enthusiasts can enjoy new art events in Montreal! Here are some exhibits at Montreal’s finest art galleries you can look forward to this fall.

Karina Bocchicchio August 14 2022 0 comments

How to Make Natural Dyes and Paints

We always find great achievement in creating something of our own. How amazing would it be to make paints naturally at home and use them to create new art pieces? Let’s get to know in-depth how these paints can be made with simple materials.

Amodini Allu August 10 2022 0 comments

From Textile to Street Art: Four Cutting-Edge trends in 2022

The global pandemic’s socioeconomic ambiguity has galvanised artistic movements to espouse digital tools, innovating poignant bohemian aesthetics with exponential profitability as a viable channel for global collectiveness and aesthetic appreciation. Here are four cutting-edge art trends in 2022.

Sara Mansour August 03 2022 0 comments