Bidgala 101

Bidgala is a global dynamic marketplace and visual arts community putting artists and their stories at the forefront. Our goal is to become the go-to platform for individuals looking to connect with the art-world.

Our Marketplace

Buying Art

Buy original art with ease through personalized searches. Connect with emerging and established artists via our chatting service and community forum. Save your favorite art pieces to your wishlist.

Selling Art

Benefit from our low 30% transaction fee for sellers. Get instant notifications when your art is sold. Learn how to ship orders with our quick shipping and packing guide.

Buyer/Seller Protection

Prevent buyer/seller fraud through our payment processor, Stripe. Buyer’s credit card only gets charged once a valid tracking number has been provided. Bidgala protection ensures safety, credibility and optimal sales for both parties.

Buying Art for Clients

Sign up for Bidgala’s “Buying Art for Clients” account and earn 10% discount on all purchases. Submit your business information and we'll review your account within 7 business days. Professionals include interior designers, home stagers, real estate professionals, and more.

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time"

- Thomas Merton

Our Community

For Art Lovers, By Art Lovers

Unified by a passion for art, we each have a story worth telling. Our thriving art community is built around storytelling, diversity, and opportunity. We currently support Canadian artists, US artists, UK artists, and more! To be featured in our newsletter, send us your story via email.

Referral Program

Invite friends and family to Bidgala by gifting them 15% off their first purchase and earn 50 Bidgala credits. Donate your Bidgala credits to our charity partners and support important causes!

Build Your Platform

Create Your Portfolio

Turn your profile into a stunning portfolio by uploading regularly and telling your story. Share your profile across multiple platforms for maximum exposure. Connect with art lovers to build your own community.

Our Launch

We are launching the full Bidgala website in March of 2021. Before our launch:

  1. Post all of your art using the Sell button and get your virtual gallery ready before the launch!

  2. Invite your friends and earn credits that you can donate to charity using the Referral page.

Once we launch, you will have access to other users, their artworks, your profile page, our community channels, buying/selling, and more.

We’ve Got You Covered!

At Bidgala, all purchases are made through & covered by Stripe. If you’re selling your art, we’ll prompt you to create a stripe account when necessary.