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Big Day

Painting live today at a Superyacht boat show experience. I only have two hours to pull off a 24x72 inch canvas lol. Prepped it a bit. Going with an interior design/floral theme. Wish me luck!!!

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Constructive criticism needed

So I just created and posted this piece....i am happy with almost everything but the design of the body in pink .

I feel something is out of place but it also could be me cause I was having problems with that part and the colour.

Any thoughts or suggestions of how i could fix it?

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Authentication Certificate


Could anyone please tell me if an Authentication Certificate is necessary when selling a piece of art?

Would it be ok not to send one?

And if I need one.....any suggestions

Thank you

Shipping Paintings 101 :)

Here's a quick guide I found on Youtube. Does anyone have any other tips & tricks for shipping paintings?

Bubble Wrap Painting

This week I discovered Canadian artist Bradley Hart - he creates insanely beautiful photorealistic paintings by injecting paint into bubble wrap, one bubble by one!! So tedious, but so worth it; his work ethic and dedication is so inspiring.

First post ever!

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