Warmth versus Cold: snow in the desert

This work is an experiment with a pour using acrylic, mixed with gold and black enamel paint. I have made pours using these different types of pao t before, but recently attended a workshop in which I experimented with acrylics usi g floetrol. It did seem to me though that a lot of paint is wasted this way, and anyway I prefer to work o to my pours with added layers and media. But I do plan to experiment still more....

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My first commissioned Logo Dot painting

Hi everyone,

I finished my first Logo Dot Painting....customer is happy ......I always feel I can do better and I will once i figure out the best way to market Logo Art?

Ideas and help would be highly appreciated.


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Should I do more of these?

I usually paint (dot painting) women's bodies and abstracts. But I tried this.Please let me know what you think.

My inspiration flower photo with my artwork

This flower is called ‘Coral Jasmine’ in English and ‘Har Singar’ in Hindi…

also called ‘Raat Ki Rani’ meaning -

The Queen Of The Night ! as it blooms only at night …

Error while uploading new Artwork!

Hi friends,

I have not been able to upload my art due to an error .. anyone else facing this issue 😢

From my finissage after a 7-month wait

Before I upload more of my newer pieces..... here is one that was part of an exhibition in the Hungarian countryside. Because of the pandemic there could be no opening, and after 7 months there was the chance for a fimissage.

This work was completed in 2017, and is more collage than painting, as I cut out triangles from older paper works and glued them o to the surface, before adding more layers.


I am the artistic and personal assistant of Isa Genzken-Richter and started to paint 4 years ago.

My inspiration goes from abstract art to minimal art and figurative abstractions.

Huge series in the making, please give me some advice on my works and tell me what you like and what you dislike.. :)

Delight and gratitude ~

I am delighted to join the two geniuses who have created this amazing spot for artists to mount their master pieces on ~