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Sharing skills

Hey to all of you beautiful creators,

I am Aurelia and I am since the very beginning on Bidgala and very happy to be part of the community.

to be honest I didn’t use it very actively or efficiently as I prefered for the last two years to work on artistic platforms beyond the digital world.

Now I would love to start recuperating that and I am in the process of uploading step by step all the series I was working on so far.

That means basically a portraiture series and a abstract painting series, two different projects with two different concepts.

As artists we have a lot of tasks, to make it to produce our art, all the creative processes, to make a living out of it, in terms of to sell, network, marketing and so on, that’s why I think it could be super nice, to share our all made experiences with Online selling on Bidgala to help each other in improving our sales and make life a littler easier.

If anyone of you is interest in creating a space here to share our skills, or if someone just wants to share some advices, leave a comment

<3 big heart to all of you,


Carlo Maala Introduction

Hello to All,

My name is Carlo and I am an artist whom sells art here on Bidgala. I am so excited to work with the founders of Bidgala for art sales of original art pieces. I am also an artist in Loupe Art, which partner with Bidgala. My art is streamed in devices such as Apply TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Xfinity, Pluto TV to name a few.

I use oil paints, paper, collages, and other media to create my art. I use a Nikon branded camera for my photography. Something unique and special about my art is I do spiritual rituals so my art is healing art. I have had so many fans whom come to me, say a friendly hello, buy my a cocktail at my favorite bar, or even find ways to thank me for the spiritual healing and guidance I do on my social media page on instagram. Watching from the bottom up is the best.

I am excited to post my work here and begin to promote selling commissions. I will send a nice gift package to the team of Bidgala so my earnings will be part of my spiritual routine and a beginning of a new life.

I hope to influence art collectors from all over the world to use my wall art for decorative and spiritual healing as well. Learn from my occasional post here or search for my social media and enjoy your art and spiritual journey with an already large community active out there following my suggestions and advice for a better tomorrow.

Posted in Discussion by Smoragdova

In 2016, I came up with a social network where people have hidden faces. And called it "Transaction In Selfie". So I started collecting hidden-face selfies. Collecting selfies with hidden faces is a reference to the series "figure collection: different versions". In 2020, a randomly

invented project turned out to be prophetic. Every day, people from all over the world send me selfies with a hidden face.

I wanted to show the world before and after 2020. I used "metro symbols" for it.

This is ‘Please mind the gap’ from 2020.

Please, send me your photo or selfie with hidden faces, Examples you can find on IG @transaction_.

If you have any questions please, let me know