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Faery Fortune

Current work in progress, been feeling inspired with the coming of spring and all that is ethereal and blossoming!

My Nebula serirs: new works uploaded

From my Nebula series, this one is 50x50 cm in size!

These are experiments in splattering paint over a stained, dark canvas, so for the first time I am actually experimenting more with actual paint rather than using other media for textural effects. Splattering and marbling, working more with pours on canvas.

Black and white lyrical abstract painting with a touch of gold, in progress

I am working on a large black and white lyrical abstract painting with a touch of gold. Influenced by my favorite jazz playlist as the paint dances on the canvas.


I am the artistic and personal assistant of Isa Genzken-Richter and started to paint 4 years ago.

My inspiration goes from abstract art to minimal art and figurative abstractions.

Huge series in the making, please give me some advice on my works and tell me what you like and what you dislike.. :)