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“Too good to be true” may actually be true!

My morning coffee had not yet touched my lips when with finger poised to delete junk from my spam box,

my bleary eyes fell upon what I thought was the classic “If it is too good to be true, then it is not true!”

The email was well written and had an image of one of my Jacaranda paintings.

So I took a second look at the message that purported to be from a highly respected graphics company, which in essence said:

“We would like to use a digital image of this painting for a layout on a book cover. Please let me know if this is possible and how much does the image cost?”

Fortunately instead of immediately deleting it I made some enquiries (with the help of Prof. Google) and found that the graphics company existed,

so too did the writer of the message and the seemingly ‘too good to be true’ claim that my artwork, out thousands of Jacaranda images online, was wanted by

the ‘largest book publishing company in Italy and third largest magazine publisher in France, was 100% genuine!

I produced a new painting for them and called it ‘Jacaranda Journalism’

Never did I think that a self taught artist from Australia would produce a painting that finished up with a 2,000 print run for the cover of a novel.

It was a great boost to my confidence as an artist but it left me wondering ‘What if I had deleted the message? Would I ever have realised my mistake’

Since then ten of my paintings have been used in a thesis on Jacaranda trees by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

W hen I think “I was the kid that failed almost everything at school” I find it quite humbling.

'God's creation, my inspiration. He put the art in my heart' Rex Woodmore Australian ‘Family Friendly’ Paintings.

My inspiration flower photo with my artwork

This flower is called ‘Coral Jasmine’ in English and ‘Har Singar’ in Hindi…

also called ‘Raat Ki Rani’ meaning -

The Queen Of The Night ! as it blooms only at night …

From my finissage after a 7-month wait

Before I upload more of my newer pieces..... here is one that was part of an exhibition in the Hungarian countryside. Because of the pandemic there could be no opening, and after 7 months there was the chance for a fimissage.

This work was completed in 2017, and is more collage than painting, as I cut out triangles from older paper works and glued them o to the surface, before adding more layers.

Delight and gratitude ~

I am delighted to join the two geniuses who have created this amazing spot for artists to mount their master pieces on ~

Sunday Joy

This Abstract painting was created on IPadPro in a very high resolution!


Hi I'm new here I'm selling my paintings, hope you like it. :)

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Big Day

Painting live today at a Superyacht boat show experience. I only have two hours to pull off a 24x72 inch canvas lol. Prepped it a bit. Going with an interior design/floral theme. Wish me luck!!!