Sharing skills

Hey to all of you beautiful creators,

I am Aurelia and I am since the very beginning on Bidgala and very happy to be part of the community.

to be honest I didn’t use it very actively or efficiently as I prefered for the last two years to work on artistic platforms beyond the digital world.

Now I would love to start recuperating that and I am in the process of uploading step by step all the series I was working on so far.

That means basically a portraiture series and a abstract painting series, two different projects with two different concepts.

As artists we have a lot of tasks, to make it to produce our art, all the creative processes, to make a living out of it, in terms of to sell, network, marketing and so on, that’s why I think it could be super nice, to share our all made experiences with Online selling on Bidgala to help each other in improving our sales and make life a littler easier.

If anyone of you is interest in creating a space here to share our skills, or if someone just wants to share some advices, leave a comment

<3 big heart to all of you,


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