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The Gathering of the Silver Knights $40
11.7W x 8.3H x inches
Curator Pick
Lynette Melnyk
Softly Whispering Sweet Nothings $3,500
60.0W x 40.0H x 1.5D inches
P Muir Art
Marilyn $3,250
60.0W x 48.0H x 1.5D inches
Andrea Juarez
Lotus Dreams $1,100
80.0W x 25.0H x cm
M Gloria Hunter
Horizon 48, small abstract seascape on linen panel $249
8.0W x 10.0H x inches
Shimon Finkelstein
Fantasies $450
31.5W x 47.0H x 1.34D inches
Lynette Melnyk
Things I Could Tell You $2,850
48.0W x 36.0H x inches
Andrea Juarez
Eve's Rights $1,500
50.0W x 100.0H x cm
Joseph Schwartzman
Ballet dancer in nebula number 6 $500
14.0W x 11.0H x 1.0D inches
M Gloria Hunter
Horizon 49 $249
8.0W x 10.0H x inches