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Clara Olivia Levesque
Napping Nymph
8.0W x 11.0H x inches
Clara Olivia Levesque
Crawling Baby
10.0W x 8.0H x inches
Esther Moorehead
Southend Silhouettes
24.0W x 20.0H x 2.5D inches
Esther Moorehead
You'll Never Walk Alone
36.0W x 36.0H x 2.5D inches
Aimee Ruoff
Sunlight onto Burgundy
5.5W x 8.0H x 0.25D inches
Eliane Telio
Islands in the Sea
22.0W x 30.0H x inches
Alan Goris
Portrait of a Gypsy woman
24.0W x 30.0H x inches
Tamar Kevorkian
Nude Woman Lying Down
60.0W x 40.0H x inches
Clara Olivia Levesque
19.99W x 27.5H x cm
Clara Olivia Levesque
Reclining Woman
20.0W x 27.5H x cm