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Silvia Vassileva
Clouds and Sea
40.0W x 20.0H x 1.0D inches
Kathryn Wright
Lake of the Little Fishes
48.0W x 36.0H x 2.0D inches
Laken Sylvander
Delicate (iii)
50.0W x 65.0H x cm
Laken Sylvander
S'il Vous Plait
70.0W x 90.0H x 5.0D cm
Silvia Vassileva
Young Aspens
36.0W x 24.0H x 1.0D inches
Videha Rathi
Love Won, Regrets None - Original Acrylic Painting
50.0W x 76.0H x 2.0D cm
Kyla Yager
Chair Void
14.0W x 13.0H x 24.0D inches
Kyla Yager
Claustrophobic Tendencies
24.0W x 30.0H x 2.0D inches
Taya De La Cruz
Simple Complexity
40.0W x 50.0H x 2.0D inches
Silvia Vassileva
Pink Waves
36.0W x 24.0H x 1.0D inches