Runhild Roeder


Religion, Philosophy & Astrology


25.0W X 20.0H cm

USD 550

+ USD Shipping:


This work denotes "Every one counts" ! Karma of art and art of karma play up on each other. Words and lines written with brush on wood act as inscriptions in ancient art. Freedom and Art of cosmos and Fine arts intersect to allow us a sense that we are in a beautiful world that has order and measure. Birds fly, sun shines ...each is in its being !!! We are there in our being ,,,, This work has a certain warmth being a work on wood. I found it pleasurable to write in block letter in paint red , yellow ... I used acrylic paint to write with as well. .I also used green ink... It was like a child play me ontological blissful feeling .. I found myself moving from non being to being as I proceeded to paint. AS I fished painting it I added at the bottom "kindness" on an after thought. I thought it rings a bell about the fact that "You " the viewer of this work "count"! Stand for yourself and be counted for your are blessed. Being wood it can be hung as is!!!

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