42. 'love me tender'...(elvis)

zaza ginz


Ethnic, Cultural & Tribal


20.0W X 20.0H X 2.0D cm

USD 76

+ USD Shipping:


this is a small square, very dark canvas. it is a layered image but being so dark & on canvas there is little evidence of the layering. it is therefore darker & more macabre than the effect printing on glass would achieve perhaps. there is a seated figure in the middle making a small effigy. there are a number of these effigies hanging from the ceiling. he/ she/it, is surrounded by candles. it is an eerie scene. he/ she has an alien look about him/ her. it is almost mystical! it is eerie but not scary at all. i am into the macabre. it excites me wondering what is going on. i love the caravaggioesque chiaro/ scura effect. when i look at this i feel relaxed & renewed. available is different dimensions & on canvas or acrylic glass. limited edition of 4.

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