Silver Forest - Art Print

Maralie Toth


Landscapes & Nature


8.5W X 11.0H inches

USD 50

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The Silver Forest was a fun painting to create and was also done in my sketchbook. In this one I painted a narrow, winding river bed surrounded by tall trees and lots of foliage. I painted the trees as if they continue way beyond the borders of the painting as a forest likes to appear in photographs. I used black and white acrylics to paint the entire thing and then when I was finished, although adding color was going to be the next step, I just decided that I couldn't bring myself to add any in, so instead I went and added some metallic gold and silver through the original piece. The whole thing took on a life of its own and looks rather spectacular as the metallic paint shift and brought out many different angles in the painting, making each angle just as dazzling to look at. Now the Printed versions do not have any metallic paint showing through, however when photographed, the camera captured just enough of the metallic details to give this piece its own unique look in the end, which as I said made this one rather fun to create, and recreate in a printed style.*Please note that frames in the photos are suggestive and may or may not come with the available art work, also please note that due to different types of computer and phone screens there may be a slight variance to the colors seen*

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