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Gray Area

ashley cole




40.0W X 30.0H X 2.0D i

USD 3000

+ USD Shipping:


The Gray area is a space that allows a bending of rules. A space not conforming to a certain category. This piece was the beginning of my exploration of texture using fabric and also my interpretation of what the gray area is. It was me meshing all of my "styles" into one painting and interchanging techniques as well. solid color background with black and white application using gestural movements, an added color for contrast and expressionist markings using oil pastels and pencil. I would like viewers to come up with their own perspective as well as consider my own. It has been said that I am subconsciously placing hearts in all of my work if you look closely most of my recent works are heart shaped in some form or fashion. I will soon elaborate on this thought. I hope this piece resonates.

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