Open_Ended Dialogue

Runhild Roeder


Children's Art


22.0W X 18.0H cm

USD 450

+ USD Shipping:


After an endurance test the day before, I feel exuberant since I was indeed patient in locating IMPOT 2000. It is located on Belanger. I found the cab driver was ever so compassionate in feeling my discomfort at not being able to locate this building ! We had 2953 instead of 2593. However we managed to get there by fits and starts. I am relieved that now my taxes will be done without further delay. Death and taxes are unavoidable. Being in a jolly good mood, I chose to use sparkling orange water colour. I used green crayon to draw my figures. I did not have to use more than one strong brush ! It all went smooth and spontaneous. It has a cosmic appeal having moon on one side and a rather large bird flying on the right hand side. I felt quite amused at the caricatures'! I leave the rest to the imagination of the viewers to figure out what is being discussed by these three persons. Life is perpetual dialogue and dialectics I believe. This work points to our sociability and desire to interact with each other especially on a starry evening. VanGogh's starry night had yellow as a prominent color. I quite like that work of his. It is possible his work was in my subconscious and so I found myself relishing using an sparkling orange to inwardly dialogue with him. Art is indeed fun. Painting this piece has brought out my sweet pleasant disposition. It even appears to be akin to a Paul Klee piece. ! Well my very first work in New Westminster, BC was considered a Klee. I let this then be a salute to both Klee and VanGogh.. An Open_ Ended Dialogue it is with these two Greats. Please join in and continue on this train of thought and see where you can take it with your friends !!!For me Art provokes discourse that can lead to interesting lengths . The cosmic atmosphere in this piece should lend itself to contemplating even on a trip to the moon. Flight of the gigantic bird is enviable. " Envy thy happy Lot" John Keats Poetic Episteme is in play....

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