Stretching this bubble, oil on canvas 2022

Mariam Qureshi




36.0W X 36.0H X 1.0D inches

USD 2600

+ USD Shipping:


Oil on 36 x 36 x1 (inch) stretched canvas. I am stretching my social bubble ever so gently these days, lol! Let's face it; it was grounding to choose the quality of life during the pandemic. So I guess that is what inspired me when I made this painting. I loved painting it, the textures of the oil paint, the music I listened to, meditating and conversating about the changes in life and thinking about the power of technology like computers and the internet. As well as the power of nature, openness, resourcefulness, and its vibrant colours deep from within the earth's sediments or high up in the sunrises giving off positive energy. I tried my best to express them without trying to depict them or take away from them in this painting, which was challenging but fun. I think there is a surreal within a reality that sometimes divides perception. We all have internal divisions that are difficult to accept; I tried to express them with the stark red lines in the painting. For instance, I might see hues of purple in the same sky as another person who sees it a lot more blue. I like seeing them together with others and sharing those differences.

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