Hillary Emetuche


Drawing & Illustration
Science & Technology


100.0W X 73.0H cm

USD 1000

+ USD Shipping:


"Kalashnitoy" (2020) Charcoal and graphite on Paper. 73 x 100 cm. See How beautiful it could be Yet Made from the hands of men See how powerful it could be Still takes away the life of men What an irony? It has no eyes nor head but it bleeds them It has no heart or soul yet it saves them Then It only listens to the hands that trigger it Soft and tender hands might have the darkest heart They become toddlers behind the mask with no heart Disguised to bring safety yet they shoot and slit. Little fingers pulling the trigger. What an irony? One hand points and the other wants dues One hand holds and the other let loose They see death in dreads They see debt in nerds The slayers of men

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