The ONE !!!

Runhild Roeder




19.0W X 19.0H cm

USD 900

+ USD Shipping:


Miraculously my brush strokes worked beyond my expectations to aesthetic perfection tonight. I have been dreaming of reaching this state that I reached when i created my "I Am" and to a great extent my last one "Grand Slam Tennis Trophy "when I felt I am taking the risk which is me!!! I dared to go with my feeling and indeed I felt absolutely elated as I held my brush and went with my brush stroke with black paint across the canvas crossing the colorful sky i had created as it were in my head. I just felt a miracle had taken place and I was in eustasy. It went through my mind what Gadamer had written in his magnum opus " Truth and Method" that truth is an event, as Jean Grondin wrote in one of his texts that Interpretation just happens. its "Lichtum" A clearing like lightening! This made my night . I hope anyone of you who likes exciting works around to keep you inspired. This one is for you! Enjoy every second you look at it. I see a figure , a tennis player Like Nick Djokovic dashing across the court to hit the ball and take the game, set and match!! There is another Grand Slam Trophy!!! go hang it on your wall!!!

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