63. "would they be angry..."

zaza ginz


Fantasy & Mythology


40.0W X 40.0H X 2.0D cm

USD 105

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blue canvas. square. main body of picture is the female's back. the female is sitting on a chair backwards. she has skimpy underwear on. her head is turned to the side. her nose & mouth are visible. there is a quote from diamana galas, quoting the bible- "the earth was full of fire & they brought those blinded sheep." also there is another layer to the image, full of skulls. so this picture is more than just a pin-up. there is a bit of a message here!actually the over-riding message is that worldly pleasures do not lead to salvation. the woman representing beauty or lust & the skulls symbolic of death &/or retribution. it could be read in a contrary manner of course, in which the woman stands for life & beauty in the midst of death, so play while you can. every person will feel differently about it. i am just giving examples of what goes through my head & gut, when i contemplate it. printed on stretched canvas, 40x40cm, using high quality latex inks. can be made in other sizes & using different materials. dm for information if you so desire. same, dm if there is anything else you want to know. i am happy to discuss!

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