I Am That Unity in honor of The King of Pop

Joseph Gilmore




60.0W X 36.0H inches

USD 7500

+ USD Shipping:


I painted this work work on paper collage days after Michael Jackson aka The King of Pop passed away. We were born the same year, and due to childhood jealousy on my part. I was never a super fan. OK when we were 11 all the 11 year old girls were crushing on him . He was then the lead singer of the Jackson 5. However, that being owned up to ,by me, he was without a doubt one of the most talented people of the past 50 years. I had never painted while listening to his music. I believe that if you are sensitive you can transmute the energy of master singers into visual art. Hence, when I wanted to honor him I played his History ,past, present, and future CD. I felt the side of M.J. that sang about healing the world, racial unity, and healing the planet. All of the mask are joined in honor of his apparent desire to unite all people .

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