Ganesh Miami tan

Runhild Roeder




29.0W X 20.0H cm

USD 900

+ USD Shipping:


This work painted itself while I was struggling with choices and turns. I wonder how it happened to be that when I looked at it to give it a title. I saw compassionate eyes in this face looking at me. At first I thought it is someone trying to get a tan and seeking Miami sun .I know what you all might be thinking. No it is not Trump. In fact I believe it is a sacred deity. Most are turning to Hindu Gods to day. I just read even Muslim Indians are going with Hindu dharma of high moral values and hard work and non clinging to results of efforts. Every faith is irresistible in its spiritual potency. Holy Spirit seems to be present whether, one is in a mosque, orthodox Russian church or Anglican, or in reading Old Testament. Or Bhagavad-Gita. We are thankful to scholars who are digging up Vedic records that inform us that ART, Religion, Science or Philosophical search was all considered essential to human development as Gadamer would say " Bildung" ! Life is about forming oneself to imbibe "cultivated consciousness" which looks towards all sides at once. Gadamer gives credit to India for lending its foundational knowledge and this open-ended propaedeutic to the world. Ontological truth over epistemological , art over method was Gadamer's preferred route to knowledge of truth in art and life which like art is inexhaustibly creative. Well, I am learning constantly while I paint and observe as these materials, paint, brush and canvas or wood mingle with air and invisible grace as in this piece seemed to guide my hand and in turn allowed me to see I need not fret and add any more paint to it. I saw a sacred figure in it . I am naming it "Ganesha " GAnesha is a well known deity to whom someone prayed in UK and offered milk . It is said that all milk was gone. Within a short time not a trace was visible. . Need I say more. I am in awe.

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