The student

Shimon Finkelstein




8.0W X 15.5H X 8.0D inches

USD 450

+ USD Shipping:


I started to collect sea glass and construction waste during my walks along the beach. The ocean has always been my escape. This is where I breathe and dream. This is where life is beautiful.Each moment I see a piece of glass or washed up part of construction waste, I feel like a magnet drawn to retrieve it from its temporary home in the sand amongst the shells and stones. Nature is my art supply for the raw materials I use. Following some instinct, I explore a complex world of shapes, textures and subtle colours. This chance meeting when the tide brings its treasures to the shore as I walk by becomes an unconscious study of time and memory. I imagine the process each piece went through from the moment it landed in the sea and how nature took over and gave it a new appearance and character, frosted, colourful, smooth or rough from the salt, sand and waves. A unique collaboration with nature brings the past and the present together through a connection of materials that I can repurpose, a metamorphosis of their identity as waste to something more sustainable and aesthetic. These broken pieces of sea glass and construction pieces are symbolic of the state of our planet. By transforming them into art I celebrate not only their beauty but also the need to protect our planet. My sculptures seek harmony and balance in a world that has become polarized and discordant. Fused together to create a whole, each piece relates to its neighbour in a state of stillness and unity, a metaphor for the inner calm and healing from my meditative walks that I wish to share.

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