Balancing Act - Abstract Art Painting

Maralie Toth




14.0W X 14.0H inches

USD 100

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Balancing Act is an abstract painting that was done in a dotted paint style ona stretched canvas. The designs starts in the center of the painting with a good sized circle that has a 8 sided star within the middle of it. From there it goes out into a few more circles that have different designs in each one, onehave a solid color of dots, another one with flower petal shapes going outward. as it nears the edges of the canvas, the shape shifts from circles to a square, thathas been angled to look like a diamond, which created negative spaces between the circles on the inside and the remaining area of the canvas on the outside. Within the negative spaces within the square a variety of larger circles were put in, using a range of different colors, within the blues and greens family, along side a goodamount of turquoise. The negative spaces between the outside of the diamond shapeand the edges of the canvas, triangles were created and filled with half circles and more triangle shapes. one color scheme consisting of blue, turquoise, and green was used through out theentire of the shapes that were created, some spaces were painted in solid and somewere filled in using a dotting technique. All of the different stages of the painting hada white dotted outline incorporated to help separate the colors and give it a sense ofstructure, the one really different feature is the diamond shape in the center of the painting was painted in a solid metallic blue color, just to add a little bit of additionalinterest to the painting. This abstract painting was created on a 14" x 14" stretched canvas on a light wooden frame, and was done using acrylic paints. It has a glossy top coat and will be framed upon purchase.*Please note that frames in the photos are suggestive and may or may not come with the available art work, also please note that due to different types of computer and phone screens there may be a slight variance to the colors seen*

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