2-Sided No. 5

Mike Spencer




40.0W X 40.0H X 1.25D inches

USD 1000

+ USD Shipping:


This picture is from a series photo-composite images made by photographing both sides of a single shard of paint. The paint shards were scraped away from an old graffiti wall in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada by heavy machinery during a condominium development. On one side you see a fragment of a single anonymous graffiti artist's piece, on the other, a fractured history of all the paintings that had occupied the wall before. Now reconfigured, they bring up intriguing questions of appropriation and authorship. Are we looking at a fragment of one artwork, a record of a lost chapter of graffiti culture, or an entirely new work created from the debris of gentrification? Can it be all of that at the same time? By appropriating these artifacts and using them to my own ends, have I capitalized on the cultural cache of the now displaced community just like the condo developers? Or have I rescued a small piece of urban art history and given it new life through an enigmatic lens that makes space for reinterpretations of the relationship between culture and progress? Who knows? If you buy it, I'll let you be the judge.The colour and size of the paint shards are true to life and each limited edition work in the series is printed on a 40X40" aluminum panel. Signed on back.

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