La douceur

Clara Olivia Levesque




30.0W X 22.5H inches

USD 675

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During this pandemic, I have been allowing myself to become more attentive to my mental health through meditation and art-making. This piece was inspired by a visualization of a feminine archetype that I connected with at the time. I allowed myself to flow with the tempo of my breath and was called to place deep within myself that urged me toward a luscious spring garden. I have many plants, spices, and herbs growing at home and their aromas deepened this daydream of a garden full of tenderness. I sat with those emotions of bliss and let them exist at the forefront of my thoughts. It was a welcome feeling after the turmoil of this year. It was important for me to capture this feeling of bliss, tenderness, and candid self-love. It won't always be at the forefront, but I know that it exists and that I can call it forth again someday. Having a visual haven can help to make that transportation happen seamlessly. My hope is that this piece of art- or any piece of art - provides you with a catalyst to delve deep into those loving, tender parts of yourself or that it serves as a time traveling device into the thought process you need to be in.Materials: Arches 100% watercolor paper (300gsm), mixed media (watercolour, gouache, ink, acrylic, micron pen)

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