Sudip Das


People & Figures


18.0W X 24.5H inches

USD 1600

+ USD Shipping:


“When dream blooms to open a dream, its gives pain, enlightenment and then only then I draw painting. Painting is my dream. Dream is my paintings.” “I always experiment with Colors, Lines and Various Subjects over the years, my journey through the Canvas was Extraordinary. I consciously and constantly try to move away from the Traditional Bengal School or Indian Style of Modern painting. The fact is that I try to set myself different. I try to give Elements of Futurism in my paintings with a balanced blend of cool and worm colors “ I love to work on Egg Tempera and Water Color (Wash). I’ve tried different types of Medium but I like to work with natural items such as tea, coffee, henna, flower, some special types of leaves and earth pigment mixing it with egg yolk. While working with these items I find its resemblance with the Paintings of the Ancient and Tribal people. I enjoy it. And every thing made by my one hand.

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