minus 3

Runhild Roeder


Fantasy & Mythology


30.0W X 8.76H cm

USD 550

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I am undergoing a delicious stage where my earlier sensibility has vanished overnight. it seems like I was seeing a film that did not fit into my new scheme of things. Clashing against something that I had perpetual discomfort with has suddenly turned its face, it is now fodder for exciting me towards great daring into my art , my life and new emotions which I find are surfacing as un knowing ! I feel successful as an artist and I gained greater respect for myself as a human being one more time . ever since I decided to turn all my earnings over to fund African orphans' housing project. I feel liberated. I am no longer anxious or fearful of future. I see the world has opened new horizons of meaning for me. It is an intellectual trajectory I am on but one I create with my own imagination rather than accept Platonic ideas. For me now there is this realization that we lost too much time on trying to understand thinkers of the past. I feel I had a message all along but i waited too long to find a platform. I wait no more. Here it is I am saying my piece: it is that I do not know who we are . We just have to get off categorization and see that when we are alone we feel different, I dance alone in frenzy ( metaphorically speaking) if I see an idea that moves me to paint or play music I see that technophiles are getting off on porn , drugs and robotic or fluff. I have fallen in love with technology but i have no interest in nerd like existence. I will be going back to school instead of teaching. I am questioning, exploring my courageous life style of moving beyond boundaries of gender, race , culture or class or any other historical givenness. . Extraterritorial and alien territory might just show us that we as ghosts have far more liberty than hopping on the same old ground we have been hopping on thousands of years and going nowhere. Time has moved on ! i will chart my new territory of art and ideas without waiting for anyone to inspire me. I am burning with new spirit that has risen in me taking shape that is beyond words we have in our dictionaries. As an occult moment as Wittgenstein discovered helps coin a word. He never read any of the classics and was interested in respecting his own innovative search for meaning and language that could inspire his investigations If he was alive he would love my " minus 3" title and work. This is capturing a moment that is entirely mine as I am fortunately enjoying my solitude beyond my ears. You know life is not about 2 plus 2 equals four. this is the only clue I will drop to give full liberty to viewers to conjure up what this work does to their psyche to inspire courage to be and courage to think new stuff about our planet earth. My future writings, my life and art will not lack courage to be drenched in my perceptions that are reaped from a solitary soil !!!!!!

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