Runhild Roeder


Humor & Satire


18.99W X 26.75H cm

USD 700

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This work depicts resilience in the face of difficulties in dealing with heat, COVID restrictions. struggle with internet enrollment in university this fall , struggles of getting out of comfort zone without losing momentum. It helped me to be assertive, confident and persisting in industry. Dealing with unexpected hurdles and unexpected demands on the part of fixing alarm system in the middle of my contemplating finishing painting led to a few disasters since I felt cramped while painting with much commotion in the condo.I had to shift my easel in the middle of the room. I then decided to accept the undesired spectacle and use the impact it had on my work and my mood. It brought my body and mind together to reconcile and still remain and even regain inspiration to have dealt with obstacles with courage and self control. After repairs were over I shifted the easel to the end of the room which I found freed me to feel as an uninhibited soul that is committed to revolutionize the world with her free spirit , setting an example to endure and be self disciplined and calm to manage disasters efficiently and produce great artworks to revolutionize the world by painting red if you will and allowing to drift into which ever way the artwork seemed to move. I was acutely aware of myself , my inner dialogue and in the manner I held my brushes and let the paint drip across the canvass. I gave it a few coats and allowed my writings to peep through in blue and white !! This artwork showed me a different way of painting and how it strengthened me to sustain an even sweet temperament enjoying the creative process as it took twists and turns turns and surprises depicting a disaster of sorts which befits what we are undergoing at the moment with Afghanistan issue, elections coming up and COVID still forcing us to mask ourselves while we struggle to breathe and keep our social distance while performing tasks that cannot wait. I found this work redeemed my morale. I pondered over what was happening with the paint !! I thought of Dr Joan Rosenberg who wrote a splendid book titled "90 Seconds to a Life You Love" Well this work picked up on her suggestions on converting unpleasant and difficult emotions into a possibility leading to a formidable spirit. in transcending the event of when everything seems to come apart in life. Let this work be a reminder that you can have fun while climbing up a steep hill in your life or skiing on a rocky slope..

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