46. ‘how does your garden grow...’

zaza ginz


Ethnic, Cultural & Tribal


20.0W X 20.0H X 2.0D cm

USD 76

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‘with silver bells & cockle shells...’ children’s nursery rhyme.collage on small square canvas. [can do other sizes & on different materials e.g. acrylic glass or aluminium which are both stunning!] in this picture, the image of a bauld, asian human with beautiful white powdered skin & small red-painted lips looks directly at us. there is a satyr superimposed on his/ her/ its cheek, appearing as if from some malevolent fairy tale. the main image is surrounded with black, with wisps of white, (indistinguishable), in it. (this is the remnants of an earlier layer. now unable to be read. as happens.which is beautiful. this image is left with many such traces.)the direct confrontation with the eyes in the picture produces many associations & emotional stirrings for the viewer as if the maker is now looking directly at you. am i?

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