36. why do the birds go on singing...

zaza ginz




30.0W X 40.0H X 2.0D cm

USD 150

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a clown! downloaded recoloured & worked to my satisfaction. digital art printed with latex ink onto canvas. other sizes & materials available on request. ltd edition of one per size. a clown! so scary. i remember my papa took me to the circus & we had front row places. it was all colours & smells & lights & danger. i was enthralled until the clowns came at the interval & started to walk round our front row. one could take his head off. they were coming our way & i started screaming terrified of what the head popping up & down one would do to me. everyone roared with laughter as the neared us. here they came they looked at me, papa waved his hand to move them along & they did just that: they moved on, passing us by, going to the next willing victim. i had never been so scared in all my four years. the lion was next. i screamed when the tamer stuck her head in his massive mouth. another story. ive been intrigued by clowns since. not afraid. mesmerized. i think i was secretly sad that they didn't stop by us. just a teeny weeny bit. whats your clown story?

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