Autumn 02

Elise Eekhout


Flowers, Plants & Trees


30.0W X 30.0H X 2.0D cm

USD 222

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Mixed media on canvas. Ready to hang thanks to the stretcher frame and a wire. Original paining. Comes with a certificate. Part of my Corona-Stories: Tranquil Cities, Longing to go Outside. - YOU CAN VISIT ALL KINDS OF WONDERFUL PLACES IN YOUR IMAGINATION - During the spring of 2020, an “intelligent lockdown” was applied in the Netherlands due to corona. The result was that the streets in the cities were completely deserted, while in nature you could walk over people. With the help of our imaginations I visited the most beautiful woods and forests with my children. Such as the forest of “Ronja the Robbers Daughter”, by Astrid Lindgren. Thanks to her beautiful descriptions, about childish astonishment and wonder about what nature has to offer, we were able to experience all seasons in this beautiful forest in just a few weeks. Someone later commented on the artworks that resulted from this: “The mysterious forest of human noise” A beautiful description, because no forest in the Netherlands is free from human noise. Especially not during the corona lockdown, when the forests and parks were the most crowded places in the Netherlands. The atmosphere and appearance of the artwork are, as with a real forest, strongly influenced by the incidence of (sun) light. The sheet metal texts are difficult to capture in the photo. They are therefore not clearly visible on these photos. The changing incidence of light during the day ensures that the texts stand out more or less. This changes the painting during the course of the day.

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